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Managing the Body of Patient Safety

The Healthcare patient safety management model is in need of a new role model.

It is clear that Healthcare's current patient safety model has too many manual processes. Many of the software support tools are cumbersome and inadequate for today's complex and ever-changing medical environment.

Over a decade of training, growth and pressures have resulted in:

Automation Level: Little to Some

Standardization Level: Little to Some

Communication Level: Little to Some

Education Level: Basic to Advanced

Reduced Harm: 1.3 million fewer patient harms in 2013

The current model for patient safety management was built on-the-fly.

As a result, there are many holes in every one of the patient safety management systems with very little to no integration of procedures.

The current model: 


Introducing the Patient Safety Model 3 (PSMM-3) by RootModel Solutions

The Patient Safety Management Model 3 (PSMM-3)

The pulse of patient safety

are the clinical staff that manage and run your organizations' patient safety management programs and systems.

Redefining Patient Safety Victims as Casualties of a Chaotic Environment

The term 'Victim' denotes a purposeful act.  Patient safety errors are not purposeful acts. Many times they are caused by system failures or inadequate safety measures.

Any patient safety error affects people beyond the patient. The clinical staff that respond and investigate the error are the forgotten casualties

Redefined Victim Casualty Listing

1st casualty: Patient and family.

2nd casualty: Caregiver and team.

3rd casualty: Response team and investigators.

3rd 4th casualty: Healthcare organization.

The 3rd casualty is responsible for delivering bad news, navigating rules and regulations, adhering to policies, and so many other difficult tasks.

Managing the body of patient safety means providing clinical staff with tools that manage their many tasks.

RootModel Solutions offers:
Managing patient safety from a single point of control.

The 3rd victim is also tasked with investigating errors,
using tools and techniques that have not been updated in over a decade.

The timing for an overhaul is perfect, and here is why.

The healthcare community has:

1) Educated and trained itself in patient safety management.
2) Created safety organizations.
3) Made major patient safety upgrades.

4) Implemented massive safety changes
within the chaos of an ever-changing medical environment.

Education Level: Basic to Advanced

Reduced Harm: 1.3 million fewer patient harms in 2013

Information technology has:

1) Had years of lessons learned.
2) Knowledge of the 3 systems of patient safety.
3) Many sources of experts and advice.

4) A clearer view of patient safety needs than ever before.

And now technology has:
5) RootModel Solutions' PSMM-3 to better manage the body of patient safety.


Communication and sharing are the keys to success.

The Joint Commission found that 70% of events had communication breakdown as the root cause.

With nearly 3/4 of patient safety errors due to communication problems, opening communications is the most important improvement that can be made.

RootModel Solutions Software connects hospital networks, people, ideas and the systems that manage patient safety.


The RootModel Solutions Vision

Each Software System is Unique:

All software systems should have a foundation that supports the most important needs of the target user group.

Efficient Workflow:

RootModel is designed to create an organized efficient workflow that manages the investigation of patient safety errors.

Foundation Principles:

RootModel's foundation principles flow through each level of the system.

Communication    Automation

Standardization    Education

Our software supports recommendations found in RCA2 from NPSF


National Patient Safety Foundation, Boston, MA. The leader in patient safety.

NPSF Report:

RCA2 is the definitive report for performing root cause analysis in healthcare.

Supported by RootModel:

RootModel Software implements the recommendations in the RCA2 report.

This is also known as RCA Squared.

RCA2 is a trademark of the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF). NPSF does not endorse any software or training for the RCA2 process that is not directly provided by NPSF.

Our software supports AHRQ Common Formats


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Rockville, MD. A leader in patient safety.


Individuals think differently, and as a result, will name report data fields differently.

Share Data:

AHRQ Common Formats allow organizations to share data and results in a common way.

RootModel Solutions Software.

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Patient Safety Management Model 3 (PSMM-3)

A new vision in patient safety management
Location : Amesbury, MA
Phone Number : +978 729 6796


Primary Sources of Research

Hands-on Industry Experts

Nothing better than connecting with personal experiences.

Personal Contacts - Medical Blogs - Patient Safety Forums

National Patient Safety Foundation

RCA2 is the definitive guide for improving patient safety and root cause analysis.

Dr. Robert Wachter

One of the most readable authors on patient safety experiences and ideas for the future.

His books should be manditory reading for all information technology professionals involved in developing medical systems.

Dr. Alan Card

Some of the best research on risk reductions and effectiveness.

Researcher and Consultant in Patient Safety, Risk Management, and Intervention Design for Healthcare and Public Health and an advocate Risk Reduction improvement.


National Patient Safety Foundation RCA2

American Society for Healthcare Risk Management ASHRM

Association for Healthcare Research and Quality Common Formats AHRQ

Institute for Healthcare Improvement Global Trigger Tool IHI

Joint Commission Jcaho

Health and Human Services HHS

Veterans Administration VA

Dr. Robert Wachter

Dr. Alan Card

Other countries that provide excellent documentation:
Canada - England - Scotland - Wales - Ireland - Japan - Australia - New Zealand

Notice: RootModel Solutions Software is not associated with any of the sources mentioned in this website.